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DFW offers easy access to important project plans, codes and reports here on our website. New publications are added frequently, so be sure to check this page often for the latest information.

Project Files & Airport Documents

Affirmative Action Plan

Authorized User Notice

Competition Plan

DFW Pandemic Documents

DFW Strategic Plansa

Development of End Around Taxiways

Glade Road Project

High C Gates Rebuild Project

Operations Documents

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)


Terminal D Operations & Control Manuals

Plan Updates (Archives)
  • 2002 Plan Updates
  • Updated Plan FY 2002
  • Additional Information Part.1
  • Additional Information Part.2
  • Approval Letter

2004 Plan Update Updated Plan FY 2004 Approval Letter

2010 Plan Update Approval Letter Additional Information

The Code of Rules and Regulations