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Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Shaping The Future

DFW is squarely focused on the future and remains committed to improving the positive environmental and social impact of the business every day.

The Airport’s sustainability leadership sets the bar for the industry. The 2019 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, highlights the cumulative impact of our day-to-day efforts to minimize our carbon footprint, create paths to economic opportunities and remain a strong community partner. The ESG report is a vital tool to measure and communicate our key results and achievements.

ESG DFW Airport Headering Image

The 2019 ESG Report highlights include:

  • 2019 Airport of the Year and other key results
  • Environmental initiatives and strategic partnerships
  • Bold innovations making a significant impact on operations
  • Programs that create a safe, healthy and diverse environment to thrive
  • Features that showcase expanding business opportunities
  • A look back at conferences, events and employee volunteerism

We are proud to showcase every accomplishment made possible because of a dedicated DFW team.

View 2019's ESG Report

Our latest report showcases DFW's sustainability leadership.

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